Hear from other Spartanburg Pet Parents…

“Great staff! Dr. Dawkins is the best!!!”
– Steve M.

“The staff and Dr. B at Eastside were extremely helpful and wonderful a great experience.”
– DJ S.

“Good service, you can tell they care about the animals and not just trying to sell you a service the animal doesn’t need.”
-Rodney G.

“We had two birds (doves) that had an outdoor enclosure. Something attacked them through the cage somehow (we haven’t figured that out). One died, I assume from fright or it panicked and broke its neck, the other one survived but was injured pretty bad. We called all around Greenville and no vet would see the bird. We were finally referred to this place and they said they could give it a look but it was an hour’s drive away. When we got there the staff was nice but the place was super busy so there was a long wait. They couldn’t do anything so late in the day but gave the bird some pain meds and told us to bring it back in the morning and they could try to sew up its wounds. We did and the bird made it through the surgery great and was very active even after such trauma. We drove all the way back home when we got there we gave it the medicine the doctor gave us and a few minutes later the bird died. It choked on its medicine. It is a very sad, expensive, and unfortunate outcome, my wife and kid lost it crying, but we appreciate this vet clinic for doing what they could to help us. Good people. Thank you.”

“Patient and gentle with our injured dog! Vet care is expensive in general, but I found their prices to be more reasonable than some others I’ve been to. Saw beyond the presenting problem to discover an underlying issue of arthritis and a torn ligament. Thank you for your loving care!”
– Allison W.

“We live all the Vets and staff. They truly love their patients and take great care of our fur babies. ❤️. We wouldn’t let anyone else take care of our Bully babies.”
– Brenda T.

“DR. King did an amazing job with our 4 little kittens, she was so sweet and kind to them. Will recommend to every pet owner!”
– Violetta M.

“Spectacular staff, service, knowledge and experience! My boyfriend and I rescued a kitten in horrific condition, the staff took amazing care of him. He had to get one of his eyes removed, almost a year later when we take him in for a visit all of the staff will come into the room to see him. I could not recommend them enough!”

– Maddi W.

“Excellent care of and so much compassion for the pets and the people! Wonderful, Awesome staff!”
– Susan D.

“Awesome place to bring your pets. Dr. and staff were all wonderful! They treat your pets as you would, like the babies they are. So sweet to you as the pet owner and just awesome and gentle with your pet.

– Sue S.

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